These whales are ready to make a splash on the

Avax Network!

After a very successful launch the whales have officially been released from their cages and are now swimming happily through the Avax Network


Avax Whales consists of 3,333 randomly generated Whales swimming happily through the Avalanche Network. Instead of having the typical zombies, aliens, and apes like most projects. Avax Whales feature skeletons, cyborgs, and killer whales instead! We’ve incorporated a variety of unique and thrilling accessories. Our goal is simple, we aim to build a passionate and engaged community!


Avax Whales Minted

1.5 AVAX / AVAX Whales




Q3 2021

Avax whales hit the high seas and then get beached in our "holders first" marketplace where every avax whale holder is rewarded by the sales.

Q4 2021

'On deck' challenge. Are you rocking all four whale types? You didn't think that would go unnoticed, did you? Well good news. We have a special surprise cooking up for you, but no spoilers!

Q1 2022

We have something special lined up for all our whale supporters but we will be including something extra special for minters who held from day 1.

Q2 2022

Spring has sprung and the whales are feeling frisky. We are planning to introduce a whale breeding system that will allow you to send your whales into our zoo to breed some new baby whales (separate collection).